Mumbai University postpones exams for 8,000 distance education students due to technical reasons

MUMBAI: Mumbai University was forced to postpone TYBA and TYB Com exams scheduled on Tuesday for almost 8,000 distance education students after they reported technical glitches. Most students from the university's Institute of Distance and Open Learning (IDOL) could not access the question papers on the link provided to them. A fresh date will be announced soon.

A majority of the students could not attempt even the first paper that was held on Saturday. "I was unable to access the paper on Saturday and I wondered if logging in few minutes before the exam could have been a problem. Today I logged on to the portal at least an hour before the exam. But nothing was uploaded well past 1 pm. We kept staring at the blank screen. If this was how they planned to conduct exams, it was better to give us passing grades," said a student from IDOL.

Several students gathered on the campus negating the purpose of holding an online exam. By 4 pm, the university issued a circular announcing the postponement of exams. Students activists claimed that the university should have conducted several mock tests before conducting the final exams, as it had directed the colleges to. While in many colleges the exams are now streamlined, students from its own institute are facing glitches almost every day.

Ref: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/education/news/mumbai-university-postpones-exams-for-8000-distance-education-students-due-to-technical-reasons/articleshow/78514222.cms