ATMA Eligibility 2019

ATMA 2018 December exam eligibility and ATMA 2019 Exam Eligibility Criteria, as prescribed by AIMS are similar. ATMA is a national level MBA entrance test leading to admission in 100 MBA colleges in India. Accordingly, before knowing the ATMA 2018 or ATMA 2019 Exam Eligibility, please check the eligibility criteria of the MBA colleges accepting ATMA 2019 exam score to which you wish to apply. AIMS have advised the ATMA test takers to check the eligibility criteria of the institutes and verify independently about the AICTE/UGC/AIU recognition of the programmes of the Institutes.

The guidelines issued by AIMS in regard to December ATMA 2018 and ATMA 2019 Eligibility are:
Should be Indian Citizen: ATMA 2019 Eligibility Criteria to appear in the exam are not much different from other exams:

Indian Citizen: An ATMA exam applicant should be an Indian Citizen to be eligible to apply for any of the 5 ATMA 2019 exams to be conducted for MBA admission 2019-21.

Recognized Bachelor’s Degree: Determining the ATMA exam eligibility, AIMS have clarified that the candidate should possess a recognized Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification under 10+2+3 scheme in any stream.

Minimum 50% Marks: ATMA 2019 eligibility prescribes that a graduate from any recognized / statutory University with a minimum of 50% marks can apply and appear in ATMA Exam 2019.

Final Year Students can Apply: As per the ATMA exam eligibility 2019, those who are in their final year of graduation are also eligible to apply and appear in the ATMA exam.

No Age Bar and No Work Experience Required: ATMA 2019 Exam Eligibility criteria do not prescribe any Age Bar or any mandatory work experience to apply for ATMA 2019 exam.
ATMA Exam Pattern
ATMA 2018 December Exam on December 23 and subsequent ATMA 2019 exams in February, May, June, July 2019 will consist of uniform exam pattern unless some change is annpounced by AIMS. ATMA is one of the six national level MBA entrance exams, leading to admission in 100 MBA colleges.

ATMA Exam Pattern

ATMA Exam pattern is similar to other leading national level MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT by GMAC, CMAT among others. ATMA 2019 exam pattern is unique as ATMA pattern for some of its tests remain paper based while for others it is computer based. For example ATMA Exam pattern 2018 for February ATMA was paper based and the ATMA May, June and August 2018 exam pattern was online computer based.

ATMA 2018 December Exam pattern
The ATMA December 2018 exam pattern, as announced by AIMS is computer based. After the ATMA February 2019 exam, there will be three more ATMA exams 2019, pattern of which remains unchanged.

Except that ATMA is conducted as computer based or paper based test in different months, ATMA Exam 2019 pattern for all the ATMA exams remains same. ATMA 2018 December exam pattern will consist of 180 questions with a time limit to solve the test paper in 3 hours.

The sectional ATMA exam pattern 2019 is that the entire exam is divided into 6 sections namely Analytical Reasoning Skills 1 & 2; Verbal Skills-1 & 2; Quantitative Skills 1 & 2. One of the key points to note in ATMA exam pattern is that effectively there are three sections, if we club their part 1 and part 2.

In the revised ATMA exam pattern, each correct answer will get 1 positive mark while a penalty of 0.25 negative mark will be applied for each wrong answer in ATMA 2018 December exam and all the ATMA 2019 exams.

ATMA Exam Pattern: Sectional composition
The key components in ATMA exam are:

Section name
Number of  questions
Time allotted in minutes
Analytical Reasoning Skills -1
Verbal Skills-1 
Quantitative Skills-1
Verbal Skills -2
Analytical Reasoning Skills -2
Quantitative Skills-2

ATMA Exam Pattern: Salient Features

Different Format of Exam Pattern: ATMA exam pattern for different exams to be held in December 2018, February, May, June and July 2019 changes its format from computer based to paper based or vice versa. However, unlike MAT which conducts both paper based and computer based exams in the same month, the ATMA pattern remains same for the month in which ATMA exam is held – either computer based or paper based.

Exam is held in Afternoon: ATMA is one of the very few national exams which are held in the afternoon sessions. ATMA exam in December 2018 and all subsequent ATMA exams 2019 will also be held from 2PM to 5PM

All questions are MCQs: All the questions in ATMA exam pattern will be of Multiple Choice type (MCQs) with 4 answer options

180 questions: ATMA 2019 exam as revealed in the notification also consists of 180 questions divided in 6 sections and is to be attempted in 3 hours

Each Section Split into Two Parts: This is unique about ATMA exam pattern. The composition of the exam is such that the 6 sections cover the questions on 3 sections. The 60 questions on each section are divided into 2 sections. Your ATMA exam preparation for one section therefore, covers the questions in two sections without extra effort. 

Sections Timed Individually: All the 6 sections in ATMA exam pattern are individually timed. A time limit of 30 minutes is prescribed for each section with 30 questions. Candidates cannot skip and go to other section during the time limit for the section they are at.  

Uniform Marking Scheme: For each correct or best answer, you will get a score of +1 mark in ATMA 2019 exam. For any question not answered, a zero score will be given

¼ Negative Marking: Each wrong answer in ATMA exam attracts 25% negative marking. A deduction of 0.25 mark will be made for each incorrect answer.

Moderate Difficulty Exam: ATMA pattern favours a moderate difficulty level instead of high difficulty exam. Barring a few questions, majority of the questions in ATMA exam has moderate difficulty level as against IIMs-CAT and XLRI-XAT exams

Importance of Navigation Tools: To succeed in computer based ATMA exam pattern, you should gain expertise in navigating through the test paper, how to answer questions in Computer Based Test, how to mark/unmark/review the answers or change your answers to maximise your score. It can be achieved by taking as many sample online computer based mock tests on ATMA exam.