ATMA Syllabus 2019

ATMA exam syllabus for ATMA December 2018 exam and all the four ATMA 2019 exams is same. AIMS do not propose to change the ATMA exam syllabus for any of the forthcoming ATMA exams 2019. ATMA is one of the six national level MBA entrance tests leading to admission in 100 MBA colleges in India. Read More about ATMA Test 2019.  The broad outline of ATMA 2019 Exam Syllabus is based on the past trends of questions, their sectional structure in ATMA exam syllabus.

ATMA Syllabus: Overall Composition
The question pattern in ATMA 2018 December exam and ATMA 2019 exam syllabus is based on MCQ format. Accordingly ATMA exam syllabus 2019 is based on following components:

ATMA Exam Syllabus Components
ATMA Exam 2019 Syllabus Details
Total Questions
Exam Difficulty Level
Easy to Moderate
Overall Time Limit to Attempt the Exam
3 hours
Question Format
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Answer Options for each MCQ
Marks Awarded for Each Correct Answer
Negative Marking
0.25 mark
Overall Areas covered in ATMA Exam Syllabus
Questions on Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation
Number of Sections

Section Wise Required Skills to Cover ATMA Syllabus

There are three major sections in ATMA 2019 Exam syllabus. Each of the three sections is further divided into two parts making ATMA exam syllabus defining key topics and questions for six sections.


Number of Questions

Sectional Time Limit to Solve the Questions

Expected skills from ATMA Test Takers

Analytical Reasoning Skills-1


30 minutes

Must possess the analytical skills to analyze the situation and arrive at write answers. Expected to answer questions on  Critical Reasoning, Course of Action, Statement-Inference, Strong/Weak Arguments

Verbal Skills-1


30 minutes

Must have clarity on English language usage, grammar, vocabulary. Topics covered are Grammar, Jumbled sentences, Vocabulary, RC Passages

Quantitative Skills-1


30 minutes

With clarity on solving Mathematics & numerical problems, you are expected to face questions on Arithmetic, Algebra, Modern Math

Verbal Skills-2


30 minutes

It is no different from part-1 of Verbal Skills. You may get more questions on RC passages, vocabulary and verbal reasoning also

Analytical Reasoning Skills-2


30 minutes

In addition to the topics in part-1, you may expect questions based on  Coding-decoding, Strengthen/Weaken arguments Statement-Conclusion, Arrangements, Syllogisms, Data sufficiency

Quantitative Skills-2


30 minutes

Questions on Data Interpretation are also placed in this section. Geometry, Modern Math are also major components in this section.

ATMA Syllabus 2019: Section wise Topics

One of the key points in ATMA Exam Syllabus is that it is not necessary that order of sections would remain the same. The sequence may change from exam to exam. The important topics covered in ATMA 2019 exam syllabus for each section are:

Syllabus for Analytical Reasoning Skills
There are two sections of Analytical Reasoning skills. The questions are not very difficult but need practice and concentration to crack in maximum numbers. You need natural logical instinct and good practice to score high in this section of ATMA exam.

Following are the key topics in ATMA exam syllabus 2019 on which questions are expected to be formed in the 2 sections of reasoning skills:

  1. Seating Arrangement
  2. Analogy
  3. Series
  4. Coding-decoding of words, letters, statements
  5. Data sufficiency in statement to answer questions
  6. Statement – True/false
  7. Direction sense
  8. Letter and number arrangement
  9. Assumptions and conclusion
  10. Statement – conclusion
  11. Odd-one out
  12. Symbol decoding
  13. Decision making with data driven problems
  14. Verbal logic

Syllabus for Quantitative Skills
The 2 sections on Quantitative skills in ATMA exam syllabus can be divided into two broad parts - Core Quant Questions and Data Interpretation questions.

Key topics in ATMA exam syllabus on which questions are asked in Quantitative skills section are:

  1. Time, speed, distance
  2. Time & Work – different type of workers – Men, women, children
  3. Mensuration
  4. Percentage
  5. Profit/Loss
  6. Ratio, Average
  7. Interest- Simple and compound
  8. Number system, even & odd numbers
  9. Age calculation
  10. Geometry – circle, Rectangle, square
  11. Pie charts, Bar diagrams, graph, table
  12. Syllabus for Verbal skills
  13. Verbal Skills in ATMA exam syllabus has two sections. Both the sections on Verbal skills have similar type of questions based on Reading Comprehension (RC) passages, Grammar usage in sentence correction, Jumbled Paragraphs, Fill in the Blanks, Vocabulary Usage among others.

Key topics on which questions are asked in Verbal Skills section in ATMA are:

Reading comprehension (RC) passages: Questions are of following types

  1. Main idea of the RC passage
  2. Summary of RC Passage
  3. Questions relating to information in the RC passage
  4. Questions on Inference drawn from the RC passage
  5. Statement – agreement
  6. Meaning of words as used in the RC passage

Grammar based questions

  1. Correction of underlined parts of the sentence
  2. Sentence completion with correct verb or other parts of speech

Vocabulary based questions

  1. Picking out the synonyms and antonyms
  2. Fill in the blanks with words/set of words
  3. One Word substitution

Jumbled Paragraph

  1. Jumbled sentences are given and are to be placed in coherent order to make a meaningful paragraph
  2. Important Tips

To cover the ATMA exam syllabus, you need to understand the type of questions asked in ATMA exam. The best way to crack ATMA and maximise the syllabus coverage is to practice more and more ATMA Exam sample questions.