About AngularJS

Today, We are going to discuss about AngularJS. What is angularJS. Why we use AngularJS and Advantage of AngularJS

Predefined directives in AngularJS

Today, we are going to discuss about directives in AngularJS. Directive is a used to change the behavior of HTML DOM elements at the run time. There are some predefined directives available in AngularJS. And as per our requirement we can create our own directive.

How to start AngularJS

Today we are going to see how to start AngularJS in our project. Any web developer can use AngularJS without any hassle means you don't need to install anything, just add a reference of AngularJS that you can find online. You just add the reference by pasting online path or you can download it and use it.

Interview question/answer of Angular 2/4/5

Prepare angular 2/4/5 question answer for interview. Explore most commonly asked question and answer of angular 2/4/5 that sure-shot success and maximize your chances of getting employed.