MVC stands for Model View Controller. 

Model: where we define classes as model including objects, Properties. Properties holds the values to be displayed or inserted.

View: View is the final output to the user. It is the user interface to accepting any values from user or displaying result to the user.

Controller: Controller is the first point that is executed when send request from the URL or clicking over buttons. Basically, controller internally attached with model and view. When we do any request then controller is responsible to execute its action and return the view to the user. 

Folder Structure in MVC
There is basic folder structure in MVC that we need to follow when we create an MVC application.

App_Start: This folder contains some of configurable files for intire MVC Application. These basic files exist in App_Start folder like BundleConfig.cs, FilterConfig.cs, RoutConfig.cs.

Model: We create all the model class file in model folder or we can say its a group of models inside Model Folder.

View: In view folder is used to keep all the HTML and view files that display in browser. Normally in the view folder we create another folder same as action name of controller. This view's folder is automatically mapped with action in controller.
We can also changes its mapping as per our requirement. 

Controller: Controller folder contains all the controller that used in our MVC Application. 

Below is the important topic in MVC that we will see like:


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