Data types in C#

A data type specifies the type of data which variable can store like string(character), integer (numeric), float etc.

What is .net framework

Dot Net framework is software development platform which is developed and maintained by Microsoft. The framework is used to create application which run on windows, Linux and MacOS platform.

Access Modifiers in C#

There are five access modifier in C#. 1) Public 2) Private 3) Protected 4) Internal 5) Protected Internal

Difference between IEnumerable and IEnumerator

Both IEnumerable and IEnumerator is used to simple iteration over a collection of specified type.

Func delegate in C#

C# 3.0 includes built-in generic delegate types Func, so that you don't need to define our own custom delegates.

Action delegate in C#

Action is also a delegate type included in the System namespace. An Action type delegate is the same as Func delegate except that the Action delegate does not return any value.

Predicate delegate in C#

A predicate is a delegate like Func and Action delegates. It included in System namespace. It represents a method that contains a set of criteria and checks whether the passed parameter meets those criteria or not. A predicate delegate methods must take one input parameter and return a boolean.