Today we are going to discuss, how we can filter or extract records from SQL Table with multiple conditions.

To extract records from SQL Table we use WHERE Clause in SQL Query. With WHERE Clause we specify some conditions that we need to retrieve records. Below is table where we implement multiple where clause.

Following operators are used in WHERE Clause.




Equal to


Not Equal to


Less than


Greater than


Less than Equal to


Greater than Equal to


Between is used to specified range of value


Like is used to search for a pattern in value


In is used in a set of values

Condition 1: Retrieve all the students data of Class 10th. Then we write a SQL Query.

Condition 2: Retrieve all the  students data whose roll no is 5 and Class 10th.

Condition 3: Retrieve all the students data whose name contain with character "e".


Condition 3: Retrieve all the students whose name's second character is "A"

Condition 4: Retrieve all the students who belongs to class 8 and 10. We will use "in" operator for this condition.