The operating system does all of the following except-
  1. Provide a way for the user to interact with the computer.
  2. Manage the central processing unit (CPU).
  3. Manage memory and storage.
  4. Enable users to perform a specific task as document editing.
  5. None of the above
All of the following are steps involved in the boot process except-
  1. Load the operating system in to RAM.
  2. The power on self test.
  3. Activate the basic input/ output system (BIOS).
  4. Load application programs.
  5. None of the above
The ______ storage on ROM chip, is responsible for loading the operating system from its permanent location on the hard drive in to RAM.
  1. BIOS
  2. API
  3. Device driver
  4. Supervisor program
  5. None of the above
The basic input/output system (BIOS) is storage in-
  1. RAM
  2. ROM
  3. The CPU
  4. The hard drive
  5. None of the above
Ensuring that the essential peripheral devices are attached and operational is the ____ Process.
  1. Configuration
  2. CMOS
  3. POST
  4. ROM
  5. None of the above
General purpose computer are those that can be adopted to countless uses simply by changing its-
  1. Output device
  2. Input device
  3. Processor
  4. Program
  5. None of the above
Memory in which any location can be reached in a fixed and short amount of time after specifying its address is called -
  1. Sequential access memory
  2. Random access memory
  3. Secondary memory
  4. Mass storage
  5. None of the above
_______ software allows users to perform calculation on rows and columns of data.
  1. Word processing
  2. Presentation graphics
  3. Database management system
  4. Electronic spreadsheet
  5. None of the above
The horizontal and vertical lines on a spreadsheet are called:
  1. Cells
  2. Sheets
  3. Block lines
  4. Grid-lines
  5. None of the above
To delete an incorrect character in a document, ______ to erase to the right of the insertion point.
  1. Press the left mouse key
  2. Double click the right mouse
  3. Press the BACKSPACE key
  4. Press the delete key
  5. None of the above