General Awareness / Capital Market in India

If the dividends are unpaid any one year they accumulate and paid at some later date to preference shareholder when company has sufficient profit is known as_______
  1. Convertible preference share
  2. equity share
  3. participatory preference share
  4. Cumulative preference share
  5. None of the above
It is mandatory that ali listed equity share are settled under compulsory rolling settlement within ____________days
  1. T+2
  2. T+5
  3. T+1
  4. T+7
  5. None of the above
In EFT "T" stands for__________
  1. Transfer
  2. Transaction
  3. Traded
  4. Term
  5. None of the above
Who is the recent chairman of SEBI________?
  1. Shri U K Sinha
  2. Shri Hari Ojha
  3. K P Singh
  4. Ram Gopal Hari
  5. None of the above
When people buy IPO from stock market they have to block his money in his bank account is called……..
  1. ABBA
  2. AMBA
  3. ASBA
  4. IMPS
  5. None of the above
NAV calculation of mutual funds means_____
  1. llliquidity
  2. Dividend payment
  3. Net wroth of shares
  4. Capitalization
  5. None of the above
What purchases do not incur any brokerage or stamp duty_____
  1. FPO
  2. Right issue
  3. IPO
  4. Debenture
  5. None of the above
Ordinary shares issued to existing shareholders is known as?
  1. IPO
  2. FPO
  3. right issue
  4. bonus share
  5. None of the above
The difference between cost price and sale price of share held by an investor is known as_______
  1. Dividend
  2. profit
  3. interest
  4. capital gain
  5. None of the above
Extra dividend provided to ordinary shareholders who have received their dividend is known as_______
  1. Cumulative preference share
  2. Convertible preference share
  3. participating preference share
  4. redeemable prefence share
  5. None of the above