General Awareness

What is the maximum number of offcial directors in RBI's central board of Directors?
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Four
  4. Five
  5. None of the above
Who appoints the governor of RBI?
  1. President of India
  2. Prime minister of India
  3. Central Govt. of India
  4. Vice Presidentof India
  5. None of the above
The RBI reduces or increase different rates and ratios in "basis points" one basis point is equal to-
  1. One tenth of a percent
  2. One hundredth of a present
  3. One thousandhth of a percent
  4. One percent
  5. One hundred perscent
Under the BSBDA scheme of theRBI, any individual including those from weaker sections of the society, can open Zero balance account in which of the following banks?
  1. Public sector banks
  2. Private sector banks
  3. Foreign banks operating in india
  4. All of these
  5. Only 1 and 2
A major public sector bank raised intreest rate on loan by 25 basispoints. This meansthe bank has raised interest by 25 basis points of
  1. Saving bank interest rate
  2. Base lending rate
  3. Repo rate
  4. Present rate on deposits
  5. Discounts rate of interest
The LAF [Liquidity adjustment facility] is a facility extended by the RBI to the scheduled commercial banks excluding_______
  1. RRBs
  2. Private bank
  3. Nationalized banks
  4. Associate bank of SBI
NAV calculation of mutual funds means_____
  1. llliquidity
  2. Dividend payment
  3. Net wroth of shares
  4. Capitalization
  5. None of the above
What purchases do not incur any brokerage or stamp duty_____
  1. FPO
  2. Right issue
  3. IPO
  4. Debenture
  5. None of the above
Ordinary shares issued to existing shareholders is known as?
  1. IPO
  2. FPO
  3. right issue
  4. bonus share
  5. None of the above
The difference between cost price and sale price of share held by an investor is known as_______
  1. Dividend
  2. profit
  3. interest
  4. capital gain
  5. None of the above