SQL Server

Select ID, GPA from student grades order by GPA ____________. Inorder to give only 10 rank on the whole we should use
  1. Limit 10
  2. Upto 10
  3. Only 10
  4. Max 10
Which of the following is not the function of client
  1. Compile queries
  2. Query optimization
  3. Receive queries
  4. Result formatting and presentation
Which server can join the indexes when only multiple indexes combined can cover the query
  1. SQL
  2. DBMS
  3. RDBMS
  4. All of the mentioned
Select ________ dept_name from instructor. Here which of the following displays the unique values of the column
  1. All
  2. From
  3. Distinct
  4. Name
Select ID, name, dept name, salary * 1.1 where instructor. The query given below will not give an error. Which one of the following has to be replaced to get the desired output
  1. Salary*1.1
  2. ID
  3. Where
  4. Instructor
Select * from student join takes using (ID). The above query is equivalent to
  1. Select * from student inner join takes using (ID)
  2. Select * from student outer join takes using (ID)
  3. Select * from student left outer join takes using (ID)
  4. All of the mentioned
The ______ clause allows us to select only those rows in the result relation of the ____ clause that satisfy a specified predicate
  1. Where, from
  2. From, select
  3. Select, from
  4. From, where
Insert into employee _________ (1002,Joey,2000). In the given query which of the keyword has to be inserted
  1. Table
  2. Values
  3. Relation
  4. Field
To delete a database ___________ command is used
  1. Delete database database_name
  2. Delete database_name
  3. drop database database_name
  4. drop database_name
The ________________ is essentially used to search for patterns in target string
  1. Like Predicate
  2. Null Predicate
  3. In Predicate
  4. Out Predicate