SQL Server

Which of the following is not a XML storage option
  1. Native storage as XML data type
  2. Mapping between XML and relational storage
  3. Small object storage
  4. None of the Mentioned
The choice of XML technology, native XML versus XML view, generally depends upon the following factors
  1. Storage options
  2. Query capabilities
  3. Indexing
  4. All of the Mentioned
In which of the following scenario,using XML native storage would be inappropriate
  1. Fixed schema
  2. You want to query and modify your XML data
  3. You want to index the XML data for faster query processing
  4. Your application needs system catalog views to administer your XML data and XML schema
XML View Technology is useful in the following situations
  1. Your application needs system catalog views to administer your XML data and XML schema
  2. Indexing Capabilities
  3. You want to bulk load XML data and decompose them into the underlying tables by using the XML view
  4. None of the Mentioned
What is hybrid model in SQL Server
  1. Combination of relational and XML data type columns
  2. Combination of relational and non relational data type columns
  3. Using XML with views
  4. Using XML with triggers
Reasons to use native XML features in SQL Server instead of managing your XML data in the file system would be
  1. You need language support for query and data modification for cross-domain applications
  2. You want the server to guarantee that the data is well formed and also optionally validate your data according to XML schema
  3. You want indexing of XML data for efficient query processing and good scalability, and the use of a first-rate query optimizer
  4. All of the mentioned
Which of the following part of the XML data stored in an XML column is very important for locking
  1. Granularity
  2. Degree of Structure
  3. Hierarchy
  4. None of the mentioned
XML datatype was introduced in which of the following versions of SQL Server
  1. SQL Server 2000
  2. SQL Server 2005
  3. SQL Server 2008
  4. SQL Server 2012
Which of the following feature of SQL Server was used before XML technology for semi structured data
  1. Stored Procedure
  2. Dyanamic management views
  3. In memory database
  4. None of the mentioned
What are Catalog Views for XML
  1. Schema collections
  2. View Collections
  3. Unstructured data
  4. None of the Mentioned